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Membership & Donations

We are excited to invite you to become a Member of Ocean State Center for Independent Living! As a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting independence, empowerment, and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, we rely on the engagement and support of our community to fulfill our mission.


Membership is an opportunity to join a community of individuals, families, and allies who are committed to advancing the rights, well-being, and independence of people with disabilities. By becoming a member, you play a vital role in supporting our programs and services that directly benefit individuals with disabilities in our community. Here are some reasons why OSCIL Membership is important:


Amplify Your Voice: As a member, you can participate in advocacy efforts and contribute to positive change for people with disabilities. Your support helps us advocate for policy changes, accessibility improvements, and inclusive practices in our community and beyond. You will be eligible to vote at our Annual Meeting or at any special meeting of the members on important issues.


Community Engagement: Membership provides opportunities to connect with others who share similar experiences. You can participate in social events, networking opportunities, and support groups organized by OSCIL, and create meaningful connections with others in the disability community.


Empowerment and Inclusion: By becoming a member, you help promote empowerment and inclusion for people with disabilities in our community. Your support helps us create a more inclusive society where individuals with disabilities are empowered to live independently, participate fully in all aspects of community life, and achieve their goals and aspirations.


Stay Informed: Membership keeps you updated on the latest news, events, and initiatives of OSCIL. You will receive regular updates and newsletters, keeping you informed about our programs, services, and advocacy efforts.


We understand that not everyone is able to make a financial contribution, and that's okay! Membership to OSCIL is open to all, regardless of financial ability. Your support through membership, even without a donation, is valuable and greatly appreciated. To become a member, fill out and return the accompanying membership application or go to our website at and submit your application online. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

OSCIL Membership Drive for 2023

We are inviting you to either continue your current membership for another year or to join us as a new member of the Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL).

In our 35th year of operation, OSCIL continues to provide a range of services to people with disability in Rhode Island. The financial support we receive through our Annual Membership Drive enables us to continue our services and help even more Rhode Islanders with disabilities.

If you recently renewed your membership, thank you for your continued support!

To Send in your Application via Mail:

Click the link below to download, fill out and return the Membership Application below along with your check. (Please do not send cash through the mail.)


The form can be sent by mail or scanned and emailed to

Click here for OSCIL Membership Form 2023

To Submit Your Membership Donation Online:

If submitting your application by email, you can donate via PayPal by using the yellow DONATE button on the

upper right side of this page. 

Fill out and submit the online application by clicking the link below:

Click here to fill out online Membership Form 2023



To donate, click the yellow Donate button below:


You may also donate by sending a check to:

1944 Warwick Avenue
Warwick, RI 02889
Attn: Donations

Please note you do not have to donate or be a “member” of OSCIL to receive our services.

Thank you!

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