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Transition from Nursing Home

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One of the core functions of the Ocean State Center for Independent Living is assisting people with disabilities to move out of nursing homes and other institutions into the independent living arrangement of their choice, as well as helping to prevent people with disabilities from entering these institutions.

The Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL), a non-residential, non-profit organization, can help seniors and adults with disabilities who are interested in transitioning from nursing facilities back into the community—either moving back to their own home or apartment or to the home of a relative or friend. 


OSCIL’s Community Living Option Program has been assisting persons with disabilities to move from a nursing home setting to a less restrictive environment for many years. OSCIL staff is able to work with each individual to identify their specific needs, assist in the housing search, establish community connections and obtain support services—all necessary for a safe and sustainable transition. 


                                                                                          Download our flyer below!

If you or someone you know is medically stable and motivated to actively participate in the transition process, call us at 401-738-1013 for more Information about how we may be able to help.

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