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Ocean State Center for Independent Living






OSCIL's 26TH Annual Meeting


 Thursday, April 24, 2014         

9:30-11:30 a.m.

Warwick Public Library*

600 Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI




Choosing the Appropriate Assistive Technology to Avoid Injuries

by Melissa Rosenberg, OSCIL AT Specialist


Please rsvp by April 17th, 2014 to

or by calling 738-1013 x10

 Parking and Seating are limited.

A sign language interpreter has been secured. 

Please let us know in advance if other accommodations are needed.




The Spring 2014 edition of our newsletter

Signs of Independence is now available.

To view or download a copy, click here.





Catherine T. Murray Memorial Scholarship


The deadline has passed for 2014 and the Scholarship Committee will be meeting in mid-April to make their final selections.  All applicants will receive notification by email or mail of whether or not they were selected.



Free RIPIN Workshops:

  Emergency Preparedness for

People with Disabilities

For more information click on this link:






Volunteer Opportunity


OSCIL is looking for a volunteer or two to help out in our

front office answering phones, etc. for a few hours a week. 

If you are interested, please send an

email to for more information




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Deaf Services Program

OSCIL has a Deaf Services Independent Living Specialist, Margie Molloy to serve

the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in RI. 

You can contact her via email at or

by Video Phone at 401-244-7792.


Do you have questions about our services?


If you would like more information about OSCIL or have any questions about our services, please call Sue, our Information and Referral Specialist

at 401-738-1013 ext. 13.   
You may also email her at


Why Put Up a STINK About Fragrances?

Chemical-based products are all around us: in the clothes we wear, in the food we eat, and in the air we breathe. While some people have minor reactions to the chemicals around them, other people are much more seriously affected. Such people have a condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS. 


JUST A WHIFF of perfume, pesticide, or tobacco smoke could make a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and allergies, sick for hours, days, or longer.   


MCS can ultimately affect an individual’s overall physical and emotional health. As MCS gets worse, reactions become more severe and increasingly chronic, often significantly affecting bodily functions. 


Just as physical barriers prevent wheelchair access, chemical use (i.e. fragrances) can prevent entry into public facilities for those with MCS. Reasonable accommodations can enable people with MCS to enjoy access to work, public facilities and other settings. 


This is why OSCIL makes the following request: No fragrances please! To accommodate those with allergies, breathing conditions or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, please do not smoke or wear scented products when attending OSCIL events.


Gift of Hearing

OSCIL, in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island (URI), PARI Independent Living Center and the Hearing Loss Association of RI, can assist with the acquisition of low-cost hearing aids at an affordable price for those who qualify                                                                  through a self-pay option.

Note: Income eligibility applies for this program.

Click here for further information.



Rhode Island Special Needs Registry


The Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) and the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) have joined together to develop a registry for Rhode Islanders with disabilities, chronic conditions, and other special healthcare needs. This system is designed to identify individuals who require special assistance during emergencies. Enrollment in the Registry does not guarantee assistance, but allows first responders to appropriately plan for, prepare for, and respond to the needs of the community.


For more information or to register, please visit their website at:



Accessible Taxi Cabs

For information about Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Cabs in RI, please click here.


Grant Funding for the Visually Impaired

The Ocean State Center for Independent Living is the recipient of special program funding from the RI Foundation to provide information and assistive technology to RI residents with visual impairments..  This program provides assistance and services to those individuals who are visually impaired  to promote increased independence in their home and/or community. 

Any individual having visual impairment who could benefit from services to enhance independence is encouraged to contact OSCIL.   We can provide peer support, connection to community support services; and assistance with the acquisition and purchase of special assistive devices or equipment that could increase independence.

Please contact us at 738-1013 x 13 and speak with Susan or email her at  


If you would like to be added to our email list to receive notifications about upcoming events and information, please send an email to us at








Ocean State Center For Independent Living


Contact Information:

OSCIL (Located in the Beacon Center)
1944 Warwick Avenue
Warwick, RI  02889 

Office Hours 8:30- 4 pm, Monday- Friday (Closed holidays)

     401-738-1013 ext . 13 (Information & Referral Specialist)
     1- 866- 857-1161 (Toll Free - Voice)                                             

Video Phone:  244-7792
Fax: 401-738-1083
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