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Assistive Technology, Equipment & Home Modifications Program

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Various assistive technology shown on a table in front of informational pamphlets.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Many people with significant disabilities face barriers that prevent them from living independently in their homes, and in many cases, they are also unaware of the many devices that can improve their daily lives. OSCIL works with individuals to acquire appropriate devices and provide training on the use of those devices to enhance the individual’s independence within their home and community.



Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP)

OSCIL is one of 4 partners participating in the Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP) program. ATAP is designed as a statewide partnership of organizations, each with a targeted assistive technology focus, working together to improve access to and acquisition of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.


Other partners include:
ATAP’s main initiatives include:
  • Device Demonstrations, Loans and Reutilization

  • Training and Public Awareness

  • Information and Assistance


To learn more about ATAP please visit:

Some programs may have income limits. An OSCIL Independent Living Coordinator will be happy to guide you and recommend the best program for your unique needs.

Please contact our office at 401-738-1013 to find out more about this program and/or to set up an appointment for a home visit. For those wishing to come to our Center, there will be professional staff available to determine which assistive device is appropriate. A doctor’s note, to assure safety, may be required for some devices.

Up close image of an ear shown with a hearing aid in place.
Gift of Hearing

Gift of Hearing

The Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL) works in collaboration with the Gift of Hearing Program at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Speech & Hearing Center to provide low cost hearing aids to those in need.
The Gift of Hearing Program provides affordable hearing aids for those who qualify. Contact OSCIL at 401-738-1013 to see if you are eligible.


  1. Make an appointment with your doctor to get your ears checked.

    • Get a copy of the report for your records. Your hearing test MUST be current within a year.

  2. Meet with an Independent Living Coordinator at OSCIL

    • Fill out an application and Financial Needs Determination form (Provide documentation).

  3. Make an appointment with your primary care doctor or ENT.

    • Have your doctor fill out the pre-evaluation form.

    • Please send a copy of pre-evaluation to OSCIL. Keep this form and your hearing test for your appointment with URI.

  4. Once you have been approved, you will receive a package with a “Letter of Introduction” from OSCIL notifying URI that you are eligible to participate in the Gift of Hearing program.

  5. Call URI Speech & Hearing Center at 401-874-5969 to make an appointment.

    • Explain that you have received a “Letter of Introduction.”

  6. Take the following to your appointment at URI:

    • Letter of Introduction

    • Pre-evaluation form

    • Hearing Test

  7. At URI you will be tested (if required). The tester will be a student supervised by a Licensed Audiologist. You will be fitted with an ear mold. The hearing aid will then be ordered.

    • Remember – The hearing aids in this program are basic technology.

  8. When the hearing aid arrives: Return to URI for your final fitting and purchase.

There are economic guidelines for this program

OSCIL staff will work with applicants to determine eligibility and appropriate funding sources based on individual economic need.

Hearing aids cost $600 per ear

For those who qualify, OSCIL can help pay for this cost.

Payment is due at the time of this appointment. There are no payment plans at this time.

Hearing aids come with a limited warranty.
Before and after images outside of a home showing where a ramp has been installed to allow for home access.
Home access

Home Access

Home Modifications

Sometimes assistive devices might not be enough to overcome access barriers though. If there are physical barriers in the home that need to be addressed, OSCIL’s Home Access/Home Modification team can provide a complete assessment to find the right solution. This might include making modifications to the home itself, like adding a ramp or renovating a bathroom.

Finding Accessible Housing

In some cases modifications to the home might not be possible or an individual might be searching for a new place to live. In that case, OSCIL will work with the person to locate affordable and/or accessible housing, including subsidized apartments and assistive living facilities.


Several assistive technology devices shown on a table with a screen that reads "Hello, welcome to Ocean State Center for Independent Living."
Smart home tech

Smart Technology


OSCIL can provide you with the Smart Home Technology to modify your home to help you reach your goals and independently control your environment.

Individuals with disabilities may apply for technology through this program. This includes devices such as:
  • Smart locks

  • Video doorbells

  • Alerting systems

  • Smart hubs and 2 months of connectivity needed to control the devices.


To be eligible you must:
  • be a Rhode Island resident with a disability;

  • be self-directed;

  • be within the program’s financial guidelines.


To apply for this program and for more information contact us at 401-738-1013 or email

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