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What is Independent Living?

Wheelchair basketball players on court

Independent Living is


Independent living is freedom as it grants individuals the ability to live and make decisions according to their own choices and preferences, free from unnecessary institutionalization.

Independent Living is


Independent living is empowerment as it enables individuals to take control of their own lives, make choices that align with their values, and pursue their goals with autonomy and self-determination.

Group of campers wearing bright clothing and smiling in front of stone fireplace
woman on stair lift outside her home shown smiling

Independent Living is


Independent living is inclusion as it promotes equal opportunities and participation for all individuals, regardless of their abilities or differences, by removing barriers and fostering a sense of belonging in society.

Independent Living is


Independent living is dignity as it respects and upholds the inherent worth and self-respect of individuals, allowing them to lead their lives with autonomy, choice, and respect for their personal preferences and values.

Carmen and friend shown wearing shirts that say "Take pride in your health" with rainbows standing together arm in arm smiling

Independent Living is:

  • Cross-age

  • Cross-disability

  • Community-based

  • Self-directed

  • Freedom

  • Empowerment

  • Inclusion

OSCIL is Not:

  • Not a residential facility

  • Not a case-management provider

  • Not a rep-payee

  • Not a day habilitation

  • Not a medical facility

  • Not a state agency

  • Not an emergency service

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