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Summer Camp Update - Aug 23

Day 2 of camp was packed with fun! Campers worked on Independent Living skills like how to advocate for themselves and others. We had a hands-on demonstration of the new voting technologies that are now available.

After preparing their own lunches it was time to head outside. We were joined by Bike On, a local company that sells adaptive bikes, who brought bikes for everyone to try. No matter the campers' abilities or experience Bike On had something for everyone.

Although most of RI saw rain, we enjoyed a sunny afternoon paddling row boats and canoes around the lake. After all that action everyone needed some relaxation. Independent Living Coordinator Angela Pesare joined us after dinner for a night of yoga and self-care. Campers enjoyed relaxing music, various yoga poses, and of course spa treatment.

Day 2 was a great success and left campers with new skills, new friends, confidence, and soft skin!

a young man wearing a green hoodie is crouched beside a man with a beard and blue polo shirt who is sitting in a wheelchair.
A young woman wearing a peach cardigan is standing in front of a digital display testing out special adaptive voting technology.


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