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Camp Update - Thursday, 8/25

The campers and crew had a very busy day on Thursday! After breakfast, they were off to the State House in Providence for a tour and mock debate in the House Chamber and then were treated to a Pizza reception in the House Lounge!

When they returned back to camp, Tina Pederson of RAMP visited and shared the story of her disability journey and spoke about the value of self-advocacy and making a difference!

After dinner, singer/songwriter, Mark Cutler of The Same Thing Project held a songwriting session for the crew. Together, they all co-wrote a song called "Straight from the Heart".

One more day of camp left!

10 people sitting at large wooden desks in a large room with bright red carpeting.
A group of 11 people in a large marble room look on as a tour guide speaks to them.
7 people sitting and standing in a room with windows. One man is playing guitar while the rest look on.
5 people sitting in a room, one is strumming a guitar, another is holding a ukelele while the rest look on.
A group of 16 smiling people sitting and standing in front of a an OSCIL banner, One person is also holding an OSCIL banner. In the middle is a woman with a tiara and sash.


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