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Camp Update - Wednesday, 8/24

The makings of an art piece using found objects in nature.

On Day 3 of camp, OSCIL partnered up with ORS to discuss job exploration, resume building, interview skills and accommodations in the workplace.

During a break, the participants had a chance to go on a scavenger hunt to create some cyanotype art designs with objects they found. It was an amazing day of learning and fun for all!

Later in day, they headed off to Old Mountain Lanes in Wakefield for dinner and bowling. The evening was capped off with a campfire that included music and interesting discussions!

A group of 6 people, one in a wheelchair standing outdoors.
A group of 5 people on a porch looking at objects.
a big group of young people sitting at a long table in restaurant with menus in front of them.
a woman and a man sitting at table in a restaurant with menus in front of them.
side view of a man standing in a bowling alley who has just rolled his ball down the lane and is waiting to see the outcome.
campers sitting and standing around a campfire in the dark,


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