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Help Low-Income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Afford Healthcare

As the state fiscal year 2025 budget discussions reach their final stages, the Senior Agenda Coalition of Rhode Island (SACRI) is pushing for crucial legislation to expand the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). The proposed bills, H7333 by Representative Karen Alzate and S2399 by Senator Sandra Cano, aim to increase MSP income limits, benefitting thousands of low-income Medicare recipients.

Current Challenges for Seniors

Many older adults and individuals on Social Security Disability (SSDI) struggle with Medicare coverage gaps and out-of-pocket costs averaging more than $6,000 per year. The MSP, a joint state/federal program, helps alleviate these costs by covering Medicare Part B premiums, required co-payments, and deductibles for those with the lowest incomes. People with slightly higher incomes can still use the MSP to cover Part B premiums and save on prescription drug costs.

"Too often, we hear stories from seniors that they cannot afford the premiums and co-payments required under Medicare." - Diane Santos, SACRI Board Chair

Change is Needed Now

OSCIL and SACRI, along with numerous organizations including the Economic Progress Institute, Protect Our Healthcare Coalition, and AARP, need legislators to act now to support and fund H7333 and S2399. This legislation would secure more than $6 million in federal funding and make healthcare more affordable for over 10,000 low-income Rhode Islanders.

You Can Help Support Our Seniors

Contact your state legislators today and urge them to vote for H7333 and S2399. Your support can make a significant difference in ensuring low-income seniors and persons with disabilities receive the healthcare they need.

Together, we can ensure that our seniors and those with disabilities receive the support and care they deserve.



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