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OSCIL's Tech Team on the Road!

On May 2, OSCIL provided some much-needed tech support and training to the participants of Rock Steady Boxing.

OSCIL's Tech Team provided training on iPhones, smart phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices. When OSCIL heard that there was a need for some training on their existing devices, we offered to help. Some very common questions were answered, such as:

  1. How do I use apple pay?

  2. How do I delete old emails?

  3. How do I download an app?

  4. and others...

It was a very successful day and OSCIL was happy to be there to lend some guidance.

Rock Steady Boxing is for those fighting back against Parkinson's and is located in East Greenwich.

Two women standing, one man standing, and one man in a wheelchair posing in front of the banner for Rock Steady Boxing East Greenwich.
A group of older people seated around a conference table while a man in a wheelchair assists them with technology training.
An OSCIL staff member sitting at a table assisting a Rock Steady Boxing with her smart phone.


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